How to dual boot multiple instances of windows with Truecrypt

Under Construction

I have tried to make these instructions as simple and idiot proof as possible as there are lots of highly detailed and confusing posts already out there.

If you want to know how this all works etc then please see this site which is where I have adapted my instructions from:

Things you will need:

1. Truecrypt
2. Grub4DOS
3. mbr.bat
4. Live Linux ie Fedora 15 Live USB
5. Windows OS's to install ie XP, Vista, 7.

Before you start

Rad the entire guid and download all you need before you start.

Create and test a live linux disk or USB. Myself and this guid use fedora live usb creator availible from the fedora website as it is easy to use. I have listed all of the sources below. TCDualBootSetup.ZIP includes the correct file structure and Grub4DOS for ease of use.

This can be downloaded here:

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